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Process Indicator
Our process indicator and controller is available in 4150XX series which has ability to display and control variety of physical parameters. These process indicator are powerful, highly flexible and can accept inputs from variety of sensors like all types of thermocouples, RTDs, pressure transducers, mV, mA, LVDTs, etc. The input can be either directly from the sensor or 4-20 mA transmitter, 3 ½ or 4 ½ digit, 0.5" Red 7 segment LED display and keyboard. It also has Thumbwheel switches and potentiometer for set points and programmable decimal points. It has the ability to program two relays to operate for the (parameter under measurement) > setpoint or < setpoint.

  • Compatible to variety of sensors.
  • Setpoints can be programmed by keyboard, thumbwheel switches or potentiometers.
  • In built compensation for RTD and thermocouple.
  • Span and zero adjustment and selection to display any engineering units.
  • Parallel BCD output or 4 to 20 mA output (Optional).

Measurement and control of:

  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Displacement
  • Current
  • Voltage
  • Liquid levels
  • Weight

A. Electrical:

  • Model 4150 A - Analog Comparators
  • Model 4150 D - Digital Comparators
  • Model 4150 M - Keyboard Programmable

1. Input Sensors:

  • Thermocouple: Type B, E, J, K, R, S, T with in built cold junction compensation and inbuilt linearisation in case of model 4150 M.
  • RTD: PT100 or PT 1000 with inbuilt linearisation in case of model 4150M.
  • Pressure: Any pressure transducer like piezo resistive, strain guage. The instrument generates 10 V DC excitation voltage for 350 W, bridge transducer.
  • 4 to 20 mA from a two wire transmitter.
  • 0 to 2V DC from any sensor.
  • +/- 0.05% of the range +/- 1 digit in case of 4 ½ digit display and
  • +/- 0.02 of the range +/- 1 digit in case of 3 ½ digit display
  • 3 ½ or 4 ½ Digit 7 segment LED display with external decimal point programming facility.
Set Points
  • Can be set by potentiometer adjustment in model 4150A.
  • Thumbwheel switches for setting in Model 4150D.
  • Keyboard programmable in Model 4150M.
Maximum Reading
  • 19999 for 4 ½ & 1999 for 3 ½ in both 4150A and 4150D models.
  • 4095 counts for 4150M model.
Conversion Speed
  • 3 readings per second for all models using integrating type ADC with response time less than a second.
  • Zero and Span adjustment possible by potentiometers.
  • Output changeover available on the back panel on screw terminals for ON/OFF control.
  • Contact Rating - 4A, 240V AC.
Working Voltage:
  • 240 V AC +/- 15%, 50Hz or
  • 110 V AC +/- 15%, 50Hz.
No. Of Setpoints
  • Two
  • Can be set by potentiometer and indicated while setting by the same display
  • By pressing a switch in Model 4150A.
  • Thumbwheel switches for setting in model 4150D.
  • Keyboard programmable in Model 4150M.
  • Setpoint can be made to operate for > or < in case of models 4150D and 4150M.
  • Working temperature range: 0 to 50ºC upto 90% R.H.
  • Storage temperature range: 0 to 70ºC upto 95% R.H.
  • Size: 96 x 96 x 200 mm DIN STD box with cutout 92 x 92 mm.
  • Weight: Approx. 1 kg. In view of continuous
Portable pH Meter

We are offering Portable Digital ph Meter - WE 98.


  • Manual 2 point calibration at any
  • Buffer value ( 4 & 7 pH OR 7 & 10 pH) Indispensable tool for all industries
  • Better resolution 0.01 pH & range 0 to 14.00 pH
  • Small, light, rugged and battery operated
  • Quick response
  • ABS housing
  • Data hold facility
  • Easy buffer standardisation on front panel

Technical Specifications :

  • Sensor : Non-breakable epoxy body gel filled combined pH electrode.
  • Range : 0-14.00 pH
  • Resolution : 0.01 pH
  • Accuracy : 0.02 pH
  • Display : 3 and 1/2 digits (0.5" height) liquid crystal display (with polarity and over range indication)
  • Hold (Option) : Press of HOLD switch, desired reading is locked & display starting shows :
  • Temp. Compensation : Fixed at Buffer solution temp. optional automatic compensation.
  • Battery : Single 9 volt transitory battery. Everady PP9 or HW 6F 22 (very easy to replace and very low consumption)
  • Weak Battery Indication : "BAT" indication on display
  • Operating Environment : 0 to 50°C, 80% Rh. (max.)
  • Dimensions : 100 (L) x 24 (H) x 65 (W) mm
  • Weight : 100 gms. (approx.)
  • Sensor open : -1 on display
  • Enclosure : Rexine black colour pouch with sensor compartment
Conductivity Transmitter
We are the manufacturers of Electrolytic Conductivity Transmitter/ Indicator.

Technical specifications :

  • Display : LCD display 3 1/2 digit (12. 5 mm height)
  • Available ranges : 1. 0 - 19. 99 & 0 - 199. 9 µs/cm, 2. 0 - 199. 9 & 0 - 1999 µs/cm, 3. 0 - 1999 & 0 - 19. 99 ms/cm
  • Total dissolved solutions (TDS) : 0 -12 ppm & 0 - 120 ppm, 0 - 120 ppm & 0 - 1200 ppm, 0 - 1200 ppm & 0 - 12000 ppm
  • temperature compensation :
  • (ATC) auto temp. Compensation : - 5 to 100°c pt 100 rtd
  • temperature coefficient : 2% / °cATC reference temp. : 25°c
  • analog output : 4-20 ma (0-20 ma optional) non isolated, 500 ohms max. Load.
  • Sensitivity : 0. 1% of full scale
  • Stability : 0. 025% of full scale per day non cummulative.
  • Repeatability : 0. 02 % of full scale
  • Power : 230 vac ±15%, 50hz
  • Cable length : sensor to analyser 10 mtrs. Max.
  • Mechanical enclosure :
  • Electrical connection : pg7 x 2 & pg 3 x 1
  • Enclosure : nema4 ip 65. Polycarbonate enclosure (alluminium coating optional)
  • Size : 120 x 80 x 50 mm weight : 0. 7 kg.
  • Panal type : 96x96x150 mm abs wt : 0. 7 kg.
  • Sensor : with k=0. 1, 1. 0 & 10. 0 cell constant.
  • Conductivity immersion probe (ss body) : length 90 mm, 500 mm. 1000 & 1500 mm. Pressure 200 psi & temp. 150°c, 3/4" /1" bsp/npt(m)
  • Flow through probe abb epoxybody 1/2" bsp(f) 3/4" bspt monted in s/s t. Pressure 100 psi & temp. 90°c
Micro Based Data Acquisition System
We supply an array of PC- micro based data acquisition system PCDAS-1694 that is specifically used to record, analyze, plot and save the data in files for future reference. The PC- micro based data acquisition system is used with the help of PC and Add on cards and interface cards. The Add on ADC card has 16 analog single ended channels, 16 isolated digital input, output channels & two analog output channels that aid in recording the data effectively. With the help of suitable sensor, all the physical parameters can be measured, recorded, analyzed. We provide a separate DIN enclosure for our interface card to protect it from any kind of harm. These systems are highly effective and give economical solutions to process control development, transducer measurements, production testing and signal analysis applications.


  • PC based system.
  • Expansion capability
  • Digital as well as Analog Interface
  • High speed Data acquisition
  • Data analysis capabilities
  • Graphs /Charts can be drawn
  • Data storage for months
  • Down loading to any other computer

Our range finds usage in following area:

  • It improves productivity in research and manufacturing
  • It increases throughput & lowering of the cost in Quality testing
  • Conserve plant energy through electric load monitoring & control
  • Monitor pilot & production processes
  • Perform on line data analysis & processing
  • Measure, record, analyze, plot, tabulate, store, physical parameters of processes and many more applications



  • Pentium
  • 32 MB RAM, 104 key keyboard
  • 1.44 MB Floppy Drive, 4.3 GB Hard Disk
  • VGA, Color Monitor
  • 80 / 132 column dot matrix printer
  • 1 Parallel, 2 Serial ports for communication
  • 1 Mouse

ADC Card:

  • Successive Approximation 12 bit ADC speed 33 µsec/reading (Faster versions available)
  • 16 Analog input channels, can be configured as 8 differential channels also
  • Expandable up to 256 channels
  • 16 Digital input & output channels which are opto-isolated
  • Digital outputs - Open collector, sinking capacity 50mA
  • Analog outputs - 0 to 5V, can be converted to 4 to 20mA
  • ADC range: Software selectable


  • Unipolar
  • Data Logger
  • +1 to -1V
  • 0 to 2V
  • +2 to -2V
  • 0 to 5V
  • +5 to -5V
  • 0 to 10V
  • +10 to -10V

Accuracy: ±0.05% on all ranges.
Data Acquisition System
Our gamut of µP - based data acquisition system is available in FX 8016 model and is embedded with microprocessor, ADC and interface cards which makes software highly efficient and powerful in terms of recording analyzing, plotting and saving data in RAM. With the help of suitable sensors, all the physical parameters can be measured, recorded and analyzed effectively. The Add on card makes it better in terms of functionality as it consist 16 analog ended channels, 16 isolated digital input, output channels & one analog output channel. The DIN enclosure is a modular component based enclosure in which the interface ADD on card and CPU card are assembled. These systems are right combination of speed, precision & repeatability with a functionality and capability of full computation and analysis in low level. Our system is ideal for process control development, transducer measurements, production testing and signal analysis applications.


  • µP Based stand alone system.
  • Expansion capability
  • Digital as well as Analog Interface
  • High speed data acquisition.
  • Data analysis capabilities
  • Graphs / Charts can be drawn
  • Data storage for months
  • Down loading to any other Computer through RS232C


  • Improve productivity in research and manufacturing.
  • Increase throughput & lowering of the cost in Quality testing.
  • Conserve plant energy through electric load monitoring & control. Monitor pilot & production Processes.
  • Perform on line data analysis & Processing.
  • Measure, record and analyze, plot, tabulate store, physical parameters of processes and many other applications.



  • Z80/8031 Microprocessor
  • 8K on board RAM
  • RTC (Real Time Clock)
  • RS232/RS485 serial communication facility
  • Centronics parallel ouput for the printer
  • ADC (1) Successive Approximation 12 bit ADC speed 33 msec / reading (Faster 9mS versions available) or 2. Integration type 12 bit ADC max 10 reading per second.
  • Single analog output channel. Using 8 Bit ADC.

2) Interface Cards:

  • 4 Analog input channels, can be configured for various types of sensor by changing few jumpers. No. of channels can be increased in multiples of 4 upto 32.
  • 8 digital input & output channels which is Data Logger opto-isolated per add on card.
  • Digital outputs open collector, sinking capacity 50mA.
Interface cards can be configured for the following.


  • Thermocouple
  • PT 100
Semiconductor Pressure:
  • Strain Gauge, Load cells
  • Piezoceramic
Transducers Displacement:
  • LVDT
  • AC - Current Transformer & amplifier / attenuator cards
  • DC - Shunt & amplifiers.
  • AC - Isolation Transformers
  • DC - Attenuators and amplifiers.
Humidity: Humidity sensors PH: PH sensors and high input impedance amplifiers.
  • Serial input RS232C / RS485 can be accepted from encoders, weighbridge etc.
Accuracy: +/- 0.05% on all ranges. 4) Linearisation:
  • Software selected for standard sensors like PT100, Thermocouple etc.
  • User can define his own linearisation formula which can be pre programmed.
  • Custom built software specifically written for the particular application.
Battery Charger
We provide an array of battery charger which is one of the most reliable load balancing electrical DC power units. When induced with AC voltage the power gets loaded along with battery in it, till voltage reaches 11.2 volts the battery is cut off from the load to prevent the over discharge.

 It has 3 modes of operation:

  • Constant Voltage Mode (Float Mode). In the float mode the battery voltage is kept at 13.2 volts (can be set by preset). In this mode the battery draws only trickle charging current required to make up for its internal losses
  • Constant current Mode (Boost Mode):- In the boost mode the charger output voltage is gradually increased to 14.4 volts (settable by preset) keeping always the battery charging current constant (5 Amps constant current charging). When the battery voltage reaches the 14.4 volts level, the charging mode is changed automatically to float mode
  • Taper Mode for deep discharge The float or boost mode is selected automatically depending upon the status of battery

Advantage of switch mode FCBC with conventional FCBC:

  • High Efficiency Batteries
  • Small size and less weight: The voltage control in conventional FCBC is done by means of a Triac or SCR pre regulator which provides coarse control and fine control is achieved by means of a voltage dropping device which is a series pass resistor. This results in high power dissipation and low efficiency. Also since the step down function is done by a line operated 50Hz transformer, the equipment tends to be bulky. In contrast in switch mode FCBC the regulation is achieved by means of PULSE WIDTH MODULATION of the switching device. Thereby the efficiency achieved is very high (80%). Also the voltage step down function is done by using high frequency (30 KHz in the present case) ferrite cores which results in small size and less weight
  • Single PCB construction resulting in less wiring and less workmanship flaws
  • Better Transient response to both load and line changes
  • Wide Operating Range
High Power Rectifiers
We manufacture a gamut of high power rectifiers that can be divided into different forms. Our range of high power rectifiers and SCR / IGBT based rectifier posses robust analog and digital control designs and is available in 6, 12, 18 and 24 pulse systems which improve regulation, reduce supply side harmonic content and reduces output ripple. These high power rectifiers are also used in hazardous areas and have facility for interfacing with client SCADA systems.

Our high power rectifiers are available in following modes:

  • Power Supply for Cathodic Protection of buried pipeline and structures.
  • Industrial Processes such as Electro- Winning, Electro-Rectifying and Electro Plating.
  • Hydrogenation and Chlorination.
  • Rectifiers for Electro Static Precipitators.
  • EMU / DMU Rectifiers.
  • Battery Chargers

Our Cathodic Protection rectifier is used in remote monitoring operation and to control data which is transmitted over GSM and dedicated fiber optic links. The division of rectifiers gives full systems with auxiliary equipment's such as switchgear, power factor correction and harmonictiter.


    • Variac Controlled (Steppies): With the help of stepless variac the output is controlled from zero to the rated value and it also controls the operation of rectifiers
    • Static Variac Controlled: By controlling the firing angle of thyristor, the operation and output of rectifiers can be controlled
    • Thyristor Controlled: Thyristor rectifier is available in 6, 12 or 24 pulse configuration. The thyristor which is considered secondary of the transformer is mainly used to control rectifier output

      Type of Cooling:

      • In high atmospheric temperature and high corrosive conditions, our range of rectifiers ensures optimum performance and high reliability.
      • For effective cooling, the transformer choke diodes are immersed in oil tanks.
      • For high rating "forced Air cooling", we use “natural air cooled scheme in a proper ventilated room.
      • The internal components are cooled with the help of blower fan. 

      The transformer is available in two different forms such as oil cooled as well as air cooled / forced cooled. Our rugged and sturdy transformer is widely used to step up or step down the input supply effectively. The hexa phase rectifier unit is to connect two star points of inter phase transformer.

      Protection: For protection of our rectifiers, we undertake various protection schemes that re enlisted below:

      • MCB / MCCB at Input or Output
      • Snubber circuits for devices
      • Temperature control for devices and transformer
      • Phase sequence and phase loss protection
      • Electric DC over voltage / over current
      • Semiconductor fuses for rectifiers

      Digital Controller:

      • The digital controller is operated through keypad provided with LCD screen to display various parameters.
      • A digital controller is used to control unit.
      • For precise control the digital controller is extensively used.
      • These are equipped with RS 232/485 interface for external communication
        Photoelectric Switches
        We present a gamut of infrared photoelectric switches which are available in various forms like fork or slot sensor, retro-reflective sensor and others. Our gamut of infrared photoelectric switches are specifically used for meeting the automation needs of pharmaceutical machines, form, fill, seal or packaging machines, food processing, textile machines, conveyor systems, automobile and engineering industries.


        • Fork slot sensors
        • Diffuse scan sensors
        • Through beam sensors
        • Sensitivity adjustment on select models
        • Wide sensing range
        • Power pack with NO-C-NC contact and optional timer setting (10 sec.)

        Our array is available in following modes:

        • Fork / Slot sensor
        • Diffuse scan sensor
        • Through scan sensor
        • Retro-reflective sensor
        • Laser Beam diffuse scan/through beam sensor

        Other sensors:

        • Registration mark sensor.
        • Flame / arc sensor
        • Through scan / blow room switch
        • Silver break detection
        • Hopper level control
        • Power pack and controller

        Welcome to Vinit Electronics And Electricals

        With more than two decade of experience in the realm, we Vinit Electronics And Electricals have been manufacturing and distributing an extensive gamut of electronic instrument and process control equipment. Our range comprises of electronic instrument components, electronic process control instrument, industrial batteries, rechargeable batteries, battery charger, electronic components, tong tester, ic tester, automation equipment, digital counter, stepper motor, dc motors, soft starters, dc relays, industrial sensors, infrared photoelectric switches, rotary encoder, orp controller, process indicator, pid controller, data logger, micro based data acquisition system, data acquisition system, scada window, temperature scanner, power supply, linear power supply, high power rectifiers and SMPS converters. Our array is developed using superior quality raw material. Our range is stringently tested in our sophisticated testing lab to maintain the quality standard. We cater our range to our distinguished clients like All government R&D development, ISRO, Department of Automatic Energy, FAC, TATA, BAJAJ and Kirloskar. We also import product from reputed companies like Lintex, Sonyo and Hitanica.

        Business Specifics:

        • Legal Status: Proprietorship Firm
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        • Membership: SSI, Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce Industries & Agriculture (MCCIA), Pune, India.


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